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If you’re looking for a quick registry repair solution here is some information on registry repair. First of all to do a quick registry repair you will need software made for the job. You can repair your registry manually but it’s not recommended, even experts have a difficult time editing the registry manually. Besides if you delete or alter the wrong file your computer may become unstable or unusable.

There are some free programs you can download for registry repair but they do not do a complete job. Professional program that you pay for will preformed deeper scans and do a more thorough job of cleaning your registry. You can check our main page for the registry repair programs we recommend. Most people don’t like spending money on software but this is a very good investment for any computer owner.

A good registry repair program will not only repair your registry quick but it will keep your computer fully optimize and running smoothly. Repairing and cleaning your registry on a regular basis is like giving your computer a good tuneup. Most people notice a vast improvement in performance the first time a use a registry repair program.

The Windows registry is like the heart of your system, is also one of the most overlooked Windows systems. Most people never do maintenance on their registry, since Windows does not come with a program to do the job. Whenever you start your computer or load software, Windows has to reference registry for settings. If your registry is corrupt or has a lot orphaned files your whole computer will become slow or maybe even crash.

Other Symptoms of a corrupt registry are blue screens, freezes, crashes, unexplained restarts, slow applications, corrupt programs, sluggish performance, slow shutdowns or startups and another general errors. If you’re not sure how bad your registry is you can do a quick check by downloading one of the versions of our main page and running it. This will tell you how many errors you have on your computer that need repair. While you will not be able to correct them without paying for the full version you will at least know if you need a registry repair program or not.

So for doing quick registry repair you will need software versus doing it manually. Software like Regcure works very fast and it is safe to use. Some poorly made programs that you can download for free will sometimes delete registry entries that are needed, causing your computer to be worse off than it was in the beginning. So be careful what software you trust your PC to. After all would you get a free surgeon for heart surgery?


Welcome To Registry Repair Program Reviews

posted by Mike Tucker

Welcome to Registry Repair Program

When it comes to Windows Registry repair. It can get very confusing, and you can make the problem worse, if you do not know what you’re doing. While there is a way to manually edit your Windows registry, we usually don’t recommend it.

Unless you’re a computer technician or an expert computer user editing your registry manually can be tricky to say the least and if you delete the wrong registry file your computer may become unable to boot. The top registry repair programs that are out today make it very easy to repair your registry.

The next question is, which program really works? We will be providing reviews on some of the top rated registering repair programs, providing you with articles and tips on Registry repair and keep you updated on any Windows Registry repair news.

Be sure and bookmark us and come back often, will be adding new resources and content all the time. Thanks for stopping,

Mike Tucker


Microsoft Registry Cleaner for Vista

posted by Mike Tucker

If you are looking for a good registry cleaner for Microsoft Vista here is some information you can use before deciding on which registry cleaner to trust your computer to. While there are some free registry cleaners for Vista we usually don’t recommend them. The fact is they don’t do a thorough job.

In fact most free registry cleaners are not worth using as they are poorly written and may damage your computer. After all why do you think they are free. Some of them are made not to do a complete job of repairing your registry on purpose. This gives you a reason to upgrade to their “pro” version.

You may be getting the stop c0000218 registry file failure windows vista error. To correctly repair this error you will definitely need a registry repair software that is made for Vista. While the Windows registry can be edited and repaired manually, even experienced computer technicians will usually not do it manually. If you delete or alter the wrong file you may cause your computer to become unstable or even unusable.

It is much easier using registry repair software. The one time investment you have to pay for decent software is well worth it, as you can use it again and again. Some of them you can even schedule for routine maintenance, which you should be doing anyways to keep your registry error-free and your computer running smooth.

Most professional registry cleaners will now work on Windows Vista with no problems. Most of the free ones will not work on Windows Vista correctly. Since the owner of the software has not made any money, why should they bother to upgrade there software. Another reason you should avoid free software.

The top three registry cleaners that work well with Vista are listed on our main page. You can download any one of them for free and scan your computer. From there you can analyze how many errors you have and decide whether you want to invest in the software or not. You will have to register the software before it will correct your Microsoft Windows Vista registry errors.

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With so many registry cleaners out there which one you trust? After all your computer wasn’t a cheap purchase. Installing and running a poorly made registry cleaner may damage your computer. So what is the best trusted registry cleaner? Here is some information that may help you with your decision.

First of all let’s explain what a registry cleaner does. Your Windows registry is the heart of your operating system. When you install or uninstall software you create registry keys. The uninstall program that comes bundled with software does not remove the registry entries they create. This leaves behind orphaned registry keys, causing your system to become bloated over time.

You need to clean these periodically. Viruses, spyware and improper shutdowns can also damage or corrupt your registry files. This is the number one cause for having a slow computer and other such errors like blue screens, freezes, mouse freezing, rebooting, invalid shortcuts, slow applications, slow boot times, slow shutdowns. Or in very bad cases your computer may not be able to boot at all.

You will want to look for a registry cleaner that is easy to use set up. With your purchase you should be able to get lifetime updates for free, and have access to their tech support. The Registry cleaners on our main page all provide that and more. You can feel safe using any one of them.

There are some free registry cleaners out there that you can use but, they’re not really recommended. When compared side by side with a professional registry cleaner they have been proven to only find half as many errors than a paid version. They do not provide deep scan of your registry and therefore miss many files that need repair or deleting.

There are also some old programs out there that haven’t been updated in a long time and will not work with Vista. You need to watch out for these. Some poorly written programs can do more damage than good.

Registry cleaning and maintenance is not a one-time process, you should preform weekly scans on your registry to keep your computer running smooth and fully optimized. A good registry cleaner is a wise investment for any computer owner. Maintaining your computer properly will avoid major problems later on.

If you’re not sure you have a registry problem or need a registry cleaner visit our main page and download one of the free trials. You can scan your computer and see how many errors you need to correct. From there you can make your decision on whether to purchase the registry cleaner or not.

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Curing The Vista Slow Startup Blues

posted by Mike Tucker

Do you have the Vista slow startup problem? Do you hit your power button and go make a pot of coffee while you wait for your computer to boot in the morning? There is nothing more annoying than a slow computer, it makes you want to take a big sledgehammer to it.

Here’s a few tips you can try to fix your slow startup problem. First of all you want to disable any programs that are in the startup menu that you do not absolutely need. There is no sense in waiting for programs to load that you don’t use on a regular basis. Or if you are not sure which one is slowing your startup. You can disable them one at a time.

If that did not help, you can disable your Windows sidebar. You’ll also want to remove any icons from your desktop that you do not absolutely need. The same goes for your task bar and quick start menu. All of these will slow down your boot time.

Check to make sure your anti virus program is not scanning at startup. Some programs are set to scan. When windows boots, by default. You will also want to do a full anti virus scan to make sure you don’t have a worm or any other type of virus that is working in the background slowing your operations down.

The biggest reason for a slow boot time is a corrupt or damaged Registry. The registry will become corrupted from installing and uninstalling programs. Perhaps you have loaded programs onto your new Vista computer and were not compatible and then uninstall them. They leave behind files, which Windows tries to reference on startup. Since they are no longer on your computer. Your system goes through a long search trying to find them. You need to clean and optimize your Windows registry to eliminate any bad or orphaned files.

You can do this manually if you are an experienced computer technician. It is not recommended for most users. Windows does not have a built-in tool for repairing, cleaning, or optimizing your registry. You will need to download and run a third-party registry repair program to do this.

A good piece of software that will do this for you with a click of the mouse is a wise investment for any computer. You will have it for years to come, and can schedule it to do weekly maintenance. This will keep your PC fully optimize and running fast. It’s like giving your computer a tuneup.

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