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Computer Mouse Problems – Try These Tips

posted by Mike Tucker

A lot of people e-mail us asking for help with computer mouse problems. If you are having computer mouse problems like, a jerky mouse, most jumping around the page, your mouse locks up or other such problems here are a few tips you can try to correct your problem.

If you have an older mouse with a ball in the bottom you may want to replace it with a modern optical mouse. The mice with balls in the bottom are prone to collect dirt and become erratic. You can take them apart clean the ball in the rollers that they ride on. Sometimes they will just be worn-out you will need to replace your mouse.

If you have cleaned your mouse or tried a different one and I still have problems go into your control panel and double-click the mouse icon. This will give you a menu with different options to help you setup your mouse, make sure your mouse is set correctly for the type you have. Next you will want to go into the hardware section for your mouse and select properties. From here you can update or change your mouse drivers. If you are using an aftermarket mouse it should came with a disc it is recommended that you install the software and drivers that came with it.

If after you’ve tried the above suggestions and are still having problems you may have a registry error. Windows registry files are the heart of your computer system. Any time your computer starts up, shuts down or loads programs Windows references the registry files for correct settings to run your hardware and software. If you have corrupt registry entries especially for your mouse you are going to have problems.

Symptoms of a bad or corrupt registry are slow startups, computer mouse problems, slow applications, slow shutdowns, jerky mouse operation, freezes and lockups, and blue screens. Windows registry is one of the most overlooked areas of maintenance that should be performed to keep your computer running smoothly. Every time you install or uninstall software it alters the registry. Most uninstall programs that come with software do not delete the registry entry they create. This leaves behind an orphaned registry key. These need to be cleaned out to prevent your system from becoming sluggish and bloated.

Since Windows does not come with a registry cleaner you will need to find a good registry repair/cleaner program from a third-party. You can visit our main page to see the top recommended registry cleaners. If you’re not sure your registry is corrupt you can download the free trial and run it. This will tell you how many errors are on your computer. From there you can decide whether you need to invest in a registry repair program or not.

While there are some free ones you can download they’re really not recommended. They do not do a deep scan or a thorough job of cleaning your computer. Some will even delete files your Windows operating system needs to run therefore making your computer unable to boot. So be careful which one you use. The once we recommended are thoroughly tested and safe to use.

Cleaning and maintaining your registry is like giving your computer a good tuneup. Most people are amazed at the increased performance and speed they experience after running a registry repair cleaner the first time.

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