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Computer Restarts Itself – Top Reasons Why

posted by Mike Tucker

If your computer restarts itself for no reason here’s a few tips you can try. You can lose hours worth of work when your computer unexpectedly restarts in the middle of a project. Not only is this very annoying but it can also cost you time and money.

First, let me recommend if you’re working on something you should get into the habit of saving your work often. One common causes of a computer restart is from overheating. This is especially true with laptops. If you’re working on a laptop make sure you are not blocking the vents. Laptops will run hotter than a desktop will so you need to be careful.

If your desktop tower is in a computer desk make sure it gets enough ventilation. Some computer desks are really nice looking but they do not provide enough ventilation for the computer. This is especially true if you have the base in a nice enclosure with a door covering it.

If you have the skills to open up your computer, make sure it is not full of dust. Over time dust and other dirt can accumulate and block part of the vents. It will also build up on the CPU fans and slow them down.

Another reason your computer may restart is from a shortage of memory. Make sure you have enough memory to run your applications, some programs are memory hogs. You may also have bad memory. Memory sticks are so cheap these days you could easily upgrade or replace all of it.

If you are running Windows XP in your computer restarts there is a setting you can check to make sure it will not restart when an error occurs. Go to control panel click performance and maintenance then click system. Click the advanced tab, click settings in the startup and recovery section and uncheck Automatically Restart in the System failure section.

Next you will want to make sure you do not have spyware or a virus on your computer. Update your antivirus software and run a full scan. The same with your spyware software. Windows does not provide spyware removal software so you will have to download one from a third party if you do not have on currently installed on your computer.

Another huge reason for computer restarts is because of a corrupt registry. This is especially true with Windows XP. You need to clean and scan your Windows registry, clean out bad entries and remove any orphaned files. And again Windows does not provide software to scan your registry with so you will have to download a program for registry repair.

While the free registry cleaners are very tempting because they are free, they’re usually not recommended. The truth is they don’t do a complete job and that’s why they are free. Some of them are downright dangerous to your computer. If you delete or alter the wrong registry file your computer may become unusable. So be careful which program you decide to trust your computer to.

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