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How To Repair A Broken Registry in Windows XP

posted by Mike Tucker

If you are using windows XP and have a broken registry here are a few tips you can use to repair it. You can edit your registry manually, but it is not recommended. Repairing your Windows XP registry manually can be pretty daunting even for experienced computer technicians. If you do want to attempt to you can access it by going to your Windows Regedit.

But be warned, if you change or alter the wrong registry file your computer may become unstable or unusable, you may end up getting more errors than you’re getting now. Corrupt or damaged XP registries can cause blue screen errors, freezing,windows crashing, slow applications, slow XP boot time, windows XP taking forever to shutdown and other such errors. If your registry is really corrupted your computer may not boot at all.

The easiest way to repair your broken windows XP registry is with software made for the job. A good registry repair program can be worth its weight in gold. Maintaining or repairing your registry is like giving your computer a good tuneup. It will clean out all the orphaned or corrupt files causing your system to be bloated and slow.

Registry repair software will do a complete deep scan in a couple of minutes and find all the files that need to be corrected or deleted. If you are not sure you have a corrupted registry, you can download one of the free versions we recommend on our main page. Install it and run it on your computer and let it preform a full scan. This will tell you how many errors, if any you have in your Windows XP registry, or any other Windows operating system. Of course to repair them. You will need to purchase a program, so don’t think it is a free repair program.

However, the software is a wise investment for any computer owner. You should preform weekly maintenance on your registry to keep it running fully optimize without errors. The better programs can schedule automatic scans. You will receive lifetime updates and excellent tech support if you ever need them. We found the one time fee for purchasing the software was well worth it.

If you have never done so, the first time you clean and repair your registry and reboot your computer you will be amazed at how much faster it runs. Startup and shutdown should be much faster plus your application will load quicker. Unless you have a virus or hardware problem on your computer this should correct any errors you’re having.

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