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Internet Explorer Running Slow – Try These Tips

posted by Mike Tucker

One question we get asked a lot is why is my Internet Explorer running slow. There may be several reasons and you may have to look into all of them before you up your Internet Explorer. First of all you want to make sure you have the latest updates installed on your PC. Windows often comes out with fixes to common problems.

Some people are having trouble with Internet Explorer version 8. I usually recommend to keep up with the latest version of Internet Explorer but if you have been running a lower version without problems up until now you may want to hold off. So what is your Internet Explorer running slow? Have you installed anything new lately? If so you may be able to use the restore feature on your computer and cure your problem.

If the problem has been building up slowly over time and is getting slower and slower you may have a registry problem. Registry errors or corrupt registry is most common cause of Internet Explorer running slow. Every time you install or uninstall software you alter the registry files. Most uninstall programs do not clean the registry when they uninstall software. Therefore they leave behind a registry entry for software which is no longer on your computer.

The Registry is like the heart of your computer. Your Windows operating system will reference the registry every time it starts, shuts down or loads programs, like Internet Explorer. If you’re of a bloated registry or too many corrupt entries your computer will start running very slow. Windows operating system references these entries and looks for the software that is no longer there and tries to load it. Eventually it’ll give up and move on but this can really bog your system down.

It is wise to invest in a professional registry cleaner. While you can find free registry cleaners we usually don’t recommend them. Some of them will do more harm to your computer then good. You may end up with a bigger problem than you have now. You paid good money for your computer why not invest in professional software that will keep it running smooth and efficient.

You can visit our Main page for the ones we trust and recommend. If you’re not sure you need a registry cleaner you can download a version for free and run it. You can see how many errors it finds and decide whether you want to purchase the software or not. At least you will know if you need a registry cleaner or have a different problem.

Spyware and ad aware can also slow your Internet Explorer down to a crawl. You will want to scan your computer for spyware and make sure you have nothing running in the background using up all your resources and collecting information.

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