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Slow PC Startup – Fix It Fast With These Tips

posted by Mike Tucker

If you are having a slow PC startup problem running Windows you are not alone. A slow start is a fairly common problem, here are some tips you can follow which will cure your problem 95% of the time. There are a variety of reasons why your PC is starting up slow so you may have to try several different things before you correct your problem.

Suffering From The Slow PC Startup Blues?

Suffering From The Slow PC Startup Blues?

To start with your going to want to do general maintenance on your computer to clean up. Click you or my computer icon you have one on your desktop and right click on your hard drive, select properties. From there you will find the tools we can perform a cleanup, disk scan and defrag. Start with the cleanup. If it has been a long time or you have never preformed a defrag on your hard drive I recommend starting this at night before going to bed since it can take a very long time. You can skip this step for know if you want.

Next you should update your antivirus definitions and run a complete scan to make sure you don’t have a virus running slowing your PC down. You will also want to preformed a full scan for spyware and ad aware. These types of programs can run in the background without you knowing it using up a lot of resources, slowing your computer down. You will also want to check the options for your antivirus program. Some of them are set to scan every time you boot your computer. If yours is you can turn it off as you do not need to scan every single time you start your computer up.

Next you will want to remove any programs from your startup that you do not need to load. A lot of software conveniently places themselves in your startup for you. How nice of them. However you do not need to have them load every single startup, as you probably do not use them constantly.

The number one reason for a slow PC startup is a bloated, corrupt or damaged Windows registry. Every time you start up your PC it references the registry in order to load the correct software and settings. If you have a corrupt registry entry windows will pause on this on start up trying to reference software that may no longer be there or it’s not working properly. The startup may pause for as long as 30 seconds per bad entry. So you can see if you have a lot of bad entries which you probably do why your computer is so slow to start up.

Since Windows does not come with a registry scanner or cleaner you will have to get one from a third party. As tempting as they may be I recommend staying away from the free versions. Free registry cleaners never do a complete job. They are made that way to give you a reason to upgrade to their professional version. You’re much better off getting a good professional version to start with, even though you will have to pay for it. However it is a very good investment for your computer. Plus you will get lifetime upgrades and updates to the software.

Slow PC startup can also be caused by defective hardware. If your hard drive is going bad or your memory is on its way out is also calls a slow start up. But these are rare cases. It is almost always a software problem. Most people overlook performing maintenance on their PC and wait until they have a major problem before doing anything. You should add the Windows registry to your regular maintenance routine. If you properly maintain your PC you will never have the slow PC startup problem.

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