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Stop Computer Freezing and Blues Screen Errors

posted by Mike Tucker

Is your computer freezing or crashing or getting the blue screen error? We all know how annoying this can be. Especially when you’re in the middle of a project and lose hours worth of work because you computer froze up. Here are a few tips you can use to stop your computer from freezing up or getting the blue screen of death.

Unless you have a hardware problem, like a hard drive going bad or a video card driver problem the reason you’re computer is freezing or crashing is because of registry errors. 95% of the time this is biggest cause of freezes and other general problems like slow start up, slow shutdowns, blue screen error, freezing, slow applications and a general lack of computer performance.

Your computer may have ran great when you first bought it but you may have noticed that over time has been slowing down or freezing. Most people do not properly maintaining the registry. This is very important to your computer’s health. Look at it like the heart of your computer. Whenever you install or uninstall software or programs, change settings, perform improper shutdowns or lose power you make changes to your registry. After time your registry entries get corrupted or you end up with a lot of orphaned files. These need to be cleaned or repaired.

Bugs in your kernel files, broken file paths, corrupted DLL’s, and missing links. These are all factors that causes computer freezing. To stop computer freezing you need to get to the source and clean up registry problems. You can edit or repair your registry manually but it’s not recommended, even experienced computer techs use software to do the job. Edit or delete the wrong file on your computer may become unusable.

The easiest way to repair or clean your registry is a third-party registry repair program. Visit our main page to see which ones users have rated highest and best preforming. These registry repair programs are very easy to use and safe. You can create a restore point or backup your complete registry before changing anything. Just in case. They will perform a deep scan of your registry in a couple of minutes and find all the errors that need to be corrected. It will also detect all the orphaned files which you do not need anymore. All these to a slow your computer down.

So if you really want to supercharger your computer performance and gain back everything it has lost over time you will need to give your registry a tuneup by cleaning and repairing it. This will also correct your computer freezing and eliminate your blue screen errors. These programs will also work for any operating system like Vista, XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and even Windows 95.

A good registry repair program is a wise investment for any computer owner. Weekly registry maintenance should be performed on all PCs. The better programs will allow you to schedule maintenance at a time when you’re not using your computer.

Not sure if you are registry errors? Download one of the free trials and run it. It will tell you how many errors need attention on your computer. This is a good way to see if you need a registry repair program or not. The demo versions will allow you to correct a couple of errors but you will have to pay for the full version to do the complete job.

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