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Windows XP Crash Recovery

posted by Mike Tucker

In most cases the Windows XP crash problem is not that hard to fix. Unless you have a severe hardware problem your XP crashes are caused by incompatible software and other software related issues. Following the tips in this article you should be able to fix the problem yourself. Saving yourself a considerable PC repair shop bill.

Hopefully Your Windows XP Crash Problem Is Not This Bad

Hopefully Your Windows XP Crash Problem Is Not This Bad

To start with think about what has changed on your PC when the problems started. Did you install a new program?, change settings, uninstall software or improperly shut your computer down? In some cases you may be able to just use your restore feature built-in to Windows XP for crash recovery.

Go to your start menu and click help and support. Find your restore option and go back to a day that you knew your computer was working properly. This will not always fix your problem but it is easy to do and worth trying, if you have not done so already. A Windows XP crash can be caused by many different things. If you’re able to start your computer normally you can start by doing a general cleaning. Go to my computer, select your hard drive, right click and select properties. From there you can clean your hard drive and preform a ScanDisk.

Once you have done that you will want to update your antivirus definitions and run a full scan to make sure you do not have a virus infecting your computer. Next you’ll want to scan for spyware and ad aware. Spyware can use up lots of resources on your computer causing it to crash. Viruses and spyware can use all of your available memory leaving nothing to run Windows XP on. The result is a Windows XP crash.

If you have not solved your problem yet you’ve more than likely have a Windows XP registry problem. Most of the time when PC users suffer from a Windows XP crash it is because of a corrupted or damaged registry. All of your software and settings have to reference the Windows registry in order to work properly. It is like the heart of your computer. Every time you install or uninstall software you make changes to the registry.

Eventually you end up with a bloated Windows registry with a lot of orphaned files that try to reference software that is no longer there or working properly. The results are a Windows XP crash, blue screens, programs freezing, slow startup or slow shutdown, your computer running very slow and other general problems. If the damage is severe enough your computer may not be able to start up properly. You may be able to start up in safe mode and repair your registry.

As Windows does not come with a registry cleaner/scanner you will have to download one from a third party. As tempting as they may be I recommend you avoid the free ones. There’s a reason they are free, most of them don’t work properly or do a complete job. Some may possibly even damage your computer making your problem worse than it is now. You are better off investing in a good professional registry cleaner to start with. It will still be less than a single visit to the computer repair shop.

Plus you will want to perform regular maintenance on your computer, once you have it running properly again. Regular cleaning and maintenance on your registry should be part of your regular routine. Doing so may keep your computer running smooth and error free. You may never have to suffer the Windows XP crash again.

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